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At a distance it looked just like a dust storm. It was red in hue but this was not unusal. The small town was used to the red soil from the mountains being pulled with the dust storms to the town.

The storm came closer but slower than normal. It looked as if it was just walking across the land. The townsfolk watched teh distant storm in awe. The found the form to be a beutiful act of nature. It however was not what they thought. The townsfolk realized something was wrong when the incoming dust storm smeled of blood.

Even though it was just a small dust storm the police of the rual town turned on the tornado siren. They didn't know what else to do about the strange occurance coming closer and closer. A thickness hit the air carring a feeling of dread.

It passed through the farm fields, causing no damage till it got to the town. The blood scented dust storm kept moving at a waking pace. No one dared to leave their basements and cellars. They thought it was just some odd weather.

The dust storm stopped its walking movement as if it was looking around. It then kept its path into town. Instead of the high winds the townspeople expected the earth shook. This rual town had never had a earthquack before. Nearby cellars and basements caved in on its occupants. The dust storm raged through the town. It showed no sign of stopping.

Suddenly a young man stood right in front of the walking pace storm. He sensed and knew more about this storm. The dust storm stopped in front of where the boy stood. He looked at the storm calmly. Beyond the dust of the supernatural storm the young man saw a figure that was controling the blood and rocks that were floating and swirling about it. The young man was able to tell the creature had already killed at the last town it already passed before coming here. The storm started to attract and orbit loose pebbles on the ground here among the other rocks floating about it. A blade attached to the top side of a wooden pole came out of the dust cloud swinging at the young man. He dodged the swing only to fall back to the ground. As he scrambled to get up the blade swung again only a half inch away from his side. As the blade raiseed again to strike a quiet harsh voice was heard.

"KiLl mE, YouR ThE OnlY MORtaL thAt Can." It whispered as it swung the sickle down on teh young man barely missing him again. He did not reply to what the creature saide. He just calmly tried to see past the floating, spinning rocks and blood while dodgeing every fatal blow of the swinging blade.

He slowly began to see the figure that was in the eye of the raging dust storm. The creatures eyes showed a blood thirsty madness. Anyone that could see that look would of tried to kill it right then, but there was something beyond that. The only mortal that could kill it was the only one able to see that the creatures eyes showed something else. A need to cause pain on others only to distract itself from it's own great dispairing pain inside.

He looked at the eye of the storm feeling sorry for the creature. The figure within the whirling dust stopped its attack and tilted its heada confused. The creature was used to looks of terror and anger directed to it. Never had it memories of seeing somone feel sorry for it.

The young man then recognized the figure and reached his hand iinto the circling dust storm. He did not mind the slight brusing from the whirling stones that hit his arm. The young man placed his hand in a carring gesture on his arm.

"Random?" said the pure voice not harsh like the being in the dust storm. The creature raised the blade of its weapon.

"KIll ME" It mummbled, the stones, dirt, and blood stoped its orbit around the it to just stay still floating there. The sight was quite haunting and could even make the strongest person's stomach turn in knots.

"No, I won't . . ." faded teh young man, not knowing what else to say. The creature brushed the young man's hand off it's arm. Clenching the handle of its weapon, the monster of the storm swung the blade of its sickle down.

The young man barely dodged the blow. The dust storm started to orbit around the figure once again. It gave the young man a look that could kill. It's eyes showed it was determinded to kill everyone in the small town.

As the earth shook and the dust storm started to move at a walking pace, the young townsman blocked the path like he did before. He didn't know what to say to the creature to stop it.

"kiLL Me" demanded the creature a third time.

"Your parents, You should go see them, they have been-"

The storm suddenly raged stronger at the mention of parents. It swung its blade and struke its target. The young man looked at the figure in the eye of the storm in a silent shock. He then looked at his left side to teh wound. The blood did not trinkel down but floated up into the whirling dust orbiting the creature.

The young man clutched his side, but still showed no hostilaty to the creature. He new something was drasticly wrong with the being but in time it may fix itself. All the creature needed was to know how it felt to be loved and to love again.

"I won't kill you" The only mortal that could kill the beast of the storm said. "I will help you" The figure in the strom raised its weapon to strike again. The injured young man moved out of the way of the hit. The earth shook stronger till a few older buildings in the distance collapsed. The young man looked past the dust storm into the creature's eyes. That was all he had to do.

It felt to teh creature that the young man was now in control of its powers. The beast did not know how powerful he was. It's mind was so broken with rage and pain it never had a calm moment to realize what it was. Now for a fleeting and quickly forgotten moment hit did. A burning feeling came over its body. The floating orbit rocks and blood fell around it revealing a unusal looking teenaged duck dressed in black from the neck down. A tattered cape flowed behind it as its mudbrown red tinted eyes just stared, not really focusing on anything. He closed his eyes only to have the feeling of falling and then landing front down on pavement. The creature felt exaused. Its own powers were used against it, to teleport wherever it now was. Th rage started up again as the creature struggled to get up the few pebbles on teh ground rummbed to float up but it stopped as the creature colapsed unable to get up. It tried to fight off its weak and tiredness. Finally the creature surrended to sleep.

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