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Here I'm going to explain how Random slowly became what he is today. I won't ever get around to writing this for any of my other characters. Random has changed the most so I thought I would write this about him.

The idea for Random started when I decided by the end of Cryptic's Story, Cryptic would kill off Rene, the main villian for Cryptic. The basic simple plot of Cryptic's story (This may be a spoiler, cover your eyes) is that he is more powerful than Rene, but Rene has more experince, Cryptic then over the years gains experince and defeats Rene. Now that Cryptic is the wise one, the new villian would be more powerful than him but not have the experince.

Random in the early stages, even before having a name was based slightly on my favorite horror movie series Halloween. A never talking, but very powerful villian driven by a unseem force. This was the main idea for Random. I then stuck the name Random Chaos on him.

There was a small problem though. Cryptic was supposed to be unable to be hurt by mortals, and too powerful for demons to ever be able to kill. This was because he was a blend of Normalverser and Demonverser blood that gave him the strengths of both but none of their weaknesses. The only weakness he has was inexperince, which after 1000 years he didn't have anymore. Random then would be the only thing that match Cryptic's power and more, and be able to hurt him, Himself. Random was to be a magic made clone of Cryptic. Made by who? Magica De Spell, scorned by Cryptic awhile ago. (She LIKED him and he didn't want anything to do with her . .long story) Magic clones are very unstable unlike gentic clones. Magic clones instead of taking a bit of blood is instead taking a bit of someones magic. When in Duckburg Cryptic didn't use much magic but Magica found a place where he had used a lot, leaving 100 year old pockets of magic laying about there.

The place was a old windmill near a graveyard, where Cryptic a 100 years before had an intense fight with a childstealing demon. (Another long story, someday this will all be covered.) Magica then made a magic clone from that. There was a problem. Cryptic's traces of magic there were intertwined with the childstealer demons, and with the essense of the negative emotion the villagers 100 years ago had towards him, thinking he was the one stealing their children. This magic clone wasn't exactly like Cryptic, being more powerful and very twisted.

Magica planned to control Random to do her bidding against Cryptic, but he was too powerful to be controled. He did come to St. Canard driven by a force to kill Cryptic.

More on the way . .

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